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I was born a bitch, i was born a rock chick. My eccentric manners and attention - grabbing public actions made me the star i am today. I`m a weirdo, but you`ll love me for it.

I don`t know if i can do anything "special", but i`m sure as hell unforgettable.

I love parties, and i can probably drink you under the table. Love dancing like nobody`s watching, love summers and absolutely love nudist beaches. Love writing poems but don`t make fun of me `cause i`ll bite your head off. After all, what would you expect from an Ozzy fan?FlamingJulie 1teenysexy depositfiles FlamingJulie xbabydollx screencaps FlamingJulie kylene143 sex FlamingJulie dorisbaba025 video FlamingJulie leaked private show livejasmin viplindylinn FlamingJulie hotalot xxx


Loud music, dancing in a concert hall, feeling my bike between my legs.

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